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Structural Insulated Metal Panels


- Fire resistant foam core
- Pre-painted top and bottom sheets.
- Wide selection of colours available
- Patented one-piece continuous corner.
- Foam to foam bond panel joints
- Pre-finished on interior and exterior sides
- High-Rib profile to accommodate electrical and mechanical lines
- Effective R-value of 28.5
- 24ga or 26ga pre-painted steel exterior
- Weight of approximately 3.3lbs/ sq.ft.
- 5” polyisocyanurate foam core with a density of approximately 2.5 lbs/ cu.ft.
- STC rating (tested in accordance with ASTM E90 Standard) - 26
- Flame spread rating (tested in accordance with CAN/ULC S102-10) - 10
- Smoke developed classification (tested in accordance with CAN/ULC S102-10) - 215


Our panels are manufactured with a pre-finished inner and outer steel shell, providing a mold, fire and rodent resistant building envelope.

Our homes are engineered to provide structurally sound, long lasting housing solutions that can be passed along to the next generation.

Vs. Traditional Construction

Traditional wood construction that requires multiple layers, these TURTLEBACK are constructed in one pass with the framing, insulation, vapour barrier and siding all in one panel.


-Steel panels from floor, wall and roof system of your residential project. Our panel system is compatible with a variety of foundations.
-Steel panel roof systems allow for vaulted ceilings, providing an open, spacious feel.
-Steel panels provide a finished exterior, eliminating the need for additional wall cladding.

Engineered Building Solution

The Structural Steel Panels are self-framing, structural insulated steel panels that are manufactured by encompassing our proprietary polyisocyanurate foam with top and bottom pre-painted steel sheets. The strength of these steel sheets combined with the characteristics of our foam allow the panel to serve as a structural component of the building envelope.