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Turtleback Specifications

Building construction

- R-28.5 insulation.
- Tri-pane windows.
- Solar window tinting for cooling in summer, warmer in winter, increased strength and UV protection.
- Steel welded steel frame construction.
- 26ga steel interior/exterior panels for wall, roof and floor.
- Vinyl plank commercial grade flooring.
- Solid wood interior wall finishes.
- Solid wood kitchen cabinets.


- Off grid electrical power pack management system with 4,000 watt and 10,000 watt optional systems
- Solar panel with lithium batteries
- On-grid 100 amp or 200 amp electrical panel system
- Generator panel with manual transfer switch to 30 amp (120v/240v) exterior plug
- HEV ventilation (120v)
- LED lighting.
- Water pump (120v)
- Washer and dryer prep (120v/240v)
- Stove prep (240v)
- A/C and Heat split system (120v)
- Infrared heaters (120v)
- Fridge prep (120v)
- Hot water tank (120v)


- Main fresh water supply hookups
- Fresh water storage tank
- Typical flush toilet with composting or incinerator toilet options
- Grey water recycling system


- In floor heating
- Wood stove
- Electrical heaters