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Solar Energy System

Power Pak solar system integration box

  • Save Money and Time

  • The Power Pak box is designed to save money and time, by combining all the components required to go off-grid in a single box

  • Easy Installation

  • Just connect solar panels and batteries, and you are ready to go!

  • Built-in System Monitoring

  • The Power Pak comes with meters to show system power and voltage.

  • Remote Performance Monitoring & Control (optional)

  • Receive alerts on your phone when the system is low on power, or switch on/off the lights from your phone! Also get reports on your system's performance and consumption via smartphone app or onsite via touch screen panel.

  • Multi-Purpose

The flexibility of the Power Pak makes it useful for different purposes:

Off-Grid System (Mode 2 setting)

By connecting Solar panels to a Power Pak, the batteries can be primarily charged by solar energy, creating an off-grid system. Combine this with a stand-by generator that acts as a secondary energy source.

UPS (Mode 1 setting)

By using the grid as a power source*, use it as back-up power for appliances (i.e. fridge, furnace, water pump, etc.) The Power Pak will automatically switch to battery power when the grid goes down. Also protects appliances from electrical surges.

Hybrid System

Use solar panels as the main power source, but keep grid connected as a back-up power source*. * This eliminates the need to buy noisy, costly diesel generators, while reducing carbon emissions and noise at the same time.


All components assembled in a single box, safe to handle, ESA certified Inverter, charge controller, DC monitor, AC monitor, circuit protection, and connectors are integrated into a single box, saving cost of obtaining separate components, and the time of integrating them.

Accepts multiple sources of power

Solar for off-grid use, grid for UPS use, generator as a secondary source for off-grid use, hybrid mode uses solar as main, and grid as back-up source.

Easy monitoring of system

Built-in meters for battery voltage, generated solar power.

Intelligent Connect (IoT) option

Allows remote monitoring monthly /weekly consumption, temperature etc. Information is also accessible on-site via touch screen panel. Remote control of up to 2 devices possible, i.e. to control lights, furnace fans or other appliance.

Customizable, expandable

May be customized to meet other capacity needs.