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The TURTLEBACK solution has multiple lifestyle applications. Whether you are living off-grid or reducing your environmental footprint, the cost savings are increased over traditional living lifestyles.

The options for these TURTLEBACK homes at its core is based on overall function that can adapt to your selected surrounding resources.

  • Wood: heat source and cooking
  • Generator Gas/Diesel: heat source, cooking, electrical and mechanical components
  • 4,000 watt and 10,000 watt off grid electrical power management system with solar panels
  • Grey water recycling system
  • Composting or incinerator toilet system

Extensive research went into selecting the overall construction of the building envelope as this is the main problem that home owners experience related to extreme weather and overall longevity of the building structure. Multiple health issues arise from mould that are related to ventilation, insulation and moisture. The solution was to construct the structure from a high quality one pass system that incorporates the framing, insulation, vapour barrier and interior/exterior finishes. The end result is higher efficiency for heating/cooling, lower maintenance costs, mould resistance, increased fire resistance and overall longevity of the building lasting generations.

The option to mobilize a home is very limited to size and weight of a building. The TURTLEBACK solution has this covered as they have steel welded steel frames on skids that can be moved anywhere and functional off-grid capacity without any utility hookups and minimal site preparation. The overall dimensional size has options to mobilize more geographical areas throughout Canada.

Customization to the TURTLEBACK lifestyle can accommodate both on grid or off grid options are based upon the clients needs

Building Exterior

- Engineered structural insulated metal panels (R28.5) for the complete building envelope including walls, floors and roof
- Tri-pane tinted glass windows
- Insulated steel floor joists with skid fram

Building Interior

- 4000 watt solar panels with power management system to hook up generator or main electrical grid.
- 230 gal water tank
- Wood stove
- In-floor heat
- Air conditioner/ HRV
- Stove, washer, dryer and fridge.

Metal panel vs wood construction

The construction of these units take less time to construct and last longer than conventional construction wood materials. We have eliminated all the layered material construction to one single pass construction that includes your siding, framing, insulation, poly and drywall in a single steel panel. This building envelope is fire, mould and rodent proof as the interior and exterior of the panels are constructed from 26ga steel.

Off grid capacity

This solar panel power management system is user friendly that monitors the solar panel and battery power. As well power inverting the 24 volt system to the typical 120 volt residential capacity. Automatic switch over from main grid electrical supply to solar panels system in a power outage. Exterior generator plug to energize the electrical panel to supplement the solar panel system.

Building mobilization

These TURTLEBACK homes are constructed from a steel skid floor system for semi trailer mobilization. Minimal site prep required and move in ready before water/sewer/electrical hookups are installed on site without a permanent foundation. Permanent foundations can be constructed from screw piles or typical below ground foundations at a later date depending on clients.

Cost savings

The TURTLEBACK lifestyle reduces the cost of living and overall construction costs related to the site preparation.
Fresh water: internal 230 gal water supply tank is conveniently located inside the heated building envelope as opposed to costly water supply lines from community water treatment plants or installation of a water supply well.
Sewer system: self isolated composting toilet conveniently located inside the heated envelope that does not require water or electricity and no waste water septic tanks or septic fields,
- Electricity: solar panel system with 4000 watt capacity can run the basic needs for living off grid to accommodate a lifestyle change or depending on the property location that does not have electrical hookups.
Heat: wood fire stove offers heat, cooking and light in emergency situations or lifestyle change. In floor heating can accommodate a external wood burning boiler system or common electrical boiler systems.
Site preparations can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months for construction. Minimal site preparation is needed to start living in this turn key TURTLEBACK home as the insulated steel skid frame allows the home to be moved onto a stable level base of gravel or screw piles with no heating requirements below the floor system.